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Originally, Uganda Manufacturers was established in 1960s by Mr. Jayant Madhvani at the time when Uganda had a young but robust industrial sector. Due to political instability of the 70's, the association could not continue. For nearly two decades the Association was inactive not until 1988 that Mr. James Mulwana (RIP) led a team of enthusiastic manufacturers and the Association was revived. Today, UMA is a premium business Association representing the industrial sector of Uganda's economy with membership of over 700 corporate, large, medium and small firms from the private and public sectors.

It is the only self sustaining business association with a voice respected by all major stake holders in the region and enjoys recognition nationally and regionally. Currently, Mr Alam Manzur, one of the people with whom the Association was revived is the Patron after the death of Dr. James Mulwana.

Sector Statistics



UMA has over 1221 Members in all Categories
Industry Contribution To GDP21%


Electricity Consumption 66%

Uganda Manufacturers’ Association
P.O Box 6966, Lugogo Show Grounds
Tel: +256 414 221 034 /287615
Fax: +256 414 220 285

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