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Resolved Nontariff Barriers Since 2009-2016

The following non-tariff barriers have been resolved since 2009-2016: 

·         Tanzania requirement of cash bonds for transportation of sugar to Rwanda.

·         Burundi charges entry fee for vehicles from other Partner States.

·         Varying application of axle load specifications applied by all Partner States.

·         Imposition of visa fee to Burundian entering United Republic of Tanzania.

·         Delays at the Ports of Mombasa & Dar Es Salaam, which affect imports and exports through the ports.

·         Restriction of Konyagi exports from Tanzania into Kenyan market.

·         Lack of preferential treatment on galvanized sheets exported to Rwanda by Kenya.

·         Requirement for certificates of analysis for goods destined for export to Rwanda and Burundi from Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

·         Levying of extra charges Kenya pharmaceutical firms exporting to Tanzania.


·         Requirement of road consignment note from transporters even before the goods have been parked.

·         Requirement for executing bonds for import taxes before being issued with stamps for excise duty purposes in Tanzania for imports for Kenya.

·         Holding, retesting milk and milk products bearing quality marks and imposition of import quotas.

·         Kenyan ban on one day old chicks from Uganda.

·         Cumbersome testing procedures for food exports and imports into Tanzania.

·         Partner States are not using green, yellow, red channels while clearing goods.

·         EAC Standards Bureaus have varying procedures for issuance of certification marks, inspection and testing.

·         Non-recognition of EAC Rules & Certificates of Origin by all Partner States.

·         Charge of 1.5% dairy levy by Uganda for imports from Kenya.

·         Charge of 1.5 % diary levy on exports of dairy products from Kenya.

·         Uganda’s certification procedures on exports of milk from Kenya.

·         Delays in Releasing of cargo manifest by all Partner States.

·         Reduction of grace period for transit cargo at Dar port from 30 to 14 days which affects all Partner States.

·         Requirement that to export Herbal products to Tanzania from Uganda; you must declare formula.

·         Delays at Malaba border for trucks driving to Uganda.

·         Kenya has introduced Cash Bond on used clothes and shoes / other items considered of high value imported by Uganda through port of Mombasa.

·         Kenyan trucks entering Tanzania are charged a levy of US$ 200.

·         Lack of simplified certificates of origin issued by Tanzania.

·         Non-implementation of EAC harmonised documents by all Partner States.

·         Non- implementation of EAC harmonized documents.

·         Visa charges of US$ 250 for businessmen entering Tanzania from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

·         Re-introduction by Kenya of a cash bond on vehicles above 2000 cc and sugar transiting from Mombasa to Uganda.

·         Delays in issuing bonds at Kenya border with Uganda tea meant for auction in Mombasa.

·         Non-recognition of EAC certificate of origin by TRA for furniture products manufactured in Kenya.

·         Tanzania has re-imposed a visa charge of between U.S$ 200-250 on Ugandan business persons travelling to Tanzania.

·         Requirement for original documentation at the port of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam for clearance of goods destined to Burundi.

·         Kenya Import levy of Kshs 2 per Kg on Agricultural Products from Tanzania.

·         Exports of plastic products from Kenya are subjected to 10% and 25% CET rate.

·         Tourist vans from Kenya not allowed entry to Tanzania.

·         Lack of interface within the customs’ systems in the Revenue Authorities in Partner States.

·         Requirement for OTS (Open Tender System) for bulk Fuel Procurement System to Burundi at port of Mombasa.

·         Imposition of 75% CET duty or $200 per metric ton on  rice wholly produced in Kenya by Uganda.

·         Cut-flower from Tanzania for re-exports to Europe and Russia blocked by Kenya.

·         Kenya had issued new immigration regulations whereby work permits will not be issued to other nationalities below the age of thirty five years and earning not less than K.shs168, 000 per month.

·         Restriction of employment by NGOs to Ugandans only which is affecting Tanzanians.

·         Charges by Container Freight Stations vary from port charges at the port of Mombasa which is affecting imports to Uganda, Burundi & Rwanda.

·         Congestion at the Port of DAR which is affecting Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda which is affecting imports to Burundi.

·         Payment of double handling charges at the ICDs and at the  Dar Es Salaam port.

·         Inadequate Police Escort mechanism for trucks ferrying goods in all Partner States.

·         Controlled movements of Cargo Trucks between Isaka / Rusumo and Isaka / Kabanga are not allowed to move beyond 6:00 pm within Tanzania heading to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

·         Harassment of informal businessmen from URT by Kenyan Immigration Officials at Namanga Border.

·         Prohibitions of imports of food products from Burundi to Rwanda;

·         Kenya Revenue Authority at Taveta Border requires certificates of Origin from Tanzania to have serial numbers;

·         Uganda is restricting export of mosquito nets produced by A to Z Mills Company in Arusha;

·         Rice, Small Fish and Palm Oil from Burundi denied  entry to  Rwanda;

·         Tanzania is not accepting copies of bill of landing while clearing cargo at Sirare border;

·         Kenya has notified clearing agents that there will be no further extension of customs warehousing;

·         Kenya delays inspection of export goods to Tanzania at factory level;

·         United Republic of Tanzania has restricted imports of beer from Burundi;

·         Requirement by the Kenya Revenue Authority that tea from Uganda destined for Mombasa auction market should be stored at 3 selected Customs Transit Go-down in Mombasa;

·         Kenya  requires Uganda imports of oil to be transported through rail and by road to have  bond guaranteed by bank;

·         A requirement that Cigarettes exported to Uganda from Kenya must have a local material content of 75%;

·         Lack of Verification sheds and parking yards at border posts affecting all Partner States;

·         Charging of full duty on aluminium products  from Kenya to Uganda which do not enjoy EAC duty remission scheme;

·         Introduction of a levy of 1.5% for railway development in Kenya for imports destined to Kenya;

·         Metal products from Kenya are charged a CET of 25% when exported to Burundi;

·         URT is charging plastics from Kenya a CET rate of 25%;

·         Several Police road blocks along Central Corridor, estimated at 30 between Dar es Salaam to Rusumo border;

·         Lack of harmonized   port procedures manual;

·         Non-recognition of rules of Origin  for motor vehicles;

·         Uganda National Bureau of Standards was  rejecting the products as from Kenya as substandard ;

·         Mandatory requirement for all sugar importers from Uganda to obtain prior permission in Kenya  before any  sugar import;

·         Uganda registered insurance companies are not recognized in Kenya;

·         Requirement  Kenya for  a single bond in the single customs territory;

·         Lengthy, restrictive and unclear administrative procedures of licensing Ugandan owned container freight stations/warehouses at the Port of Mombasa;

·         Delays by KRA in posting online clearance of goods destined to Tanzania;

·         Re-introduction of yellow fever requirement at Namanga border and Kilimanjaro Int. Airport;

·         Auto-Axillary Ltd products ( U bolt and Center bolts)  from Kenya are   charged CET of 25% in Tanzania;

·         TPA is charging USD90 as way leave fees for transit container of 20 feet and 140USD for container of 40 feet for transit trucks from Burundi;

·         Selective auctioning of Ugandan goods at Mombasa Port;

·         Scanning of Uganda goods by anti-counterfeit agency at Mombasa;

·         Charging of 25% duty rate on scrapping rolls manufactured in Kenya;

·         Weighing of empty trucks in the Central Corridor-Tanzania;

·         Numerous Weighbridges Containerized cargo to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are being subjected to Imposition of 4 weighbridges instead of agreed two as decided by the Council the central corridor;

·         Rwanda and Uganda have not accorded preferential treatment on exports of rice from Tanzania through  Rusumo & Mutukula  borders respectively; and

·         Rwanda was not according preferential treatment to confectionery products by produced Candy Kenya Ltd.


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